List of statis and types used within PeerPlays:

class BetType(Enum):
    options = [

class BettingMarketResolution(Enum):
    options = [

class BettingMarketStatus(Enum):
    options = [
        "unresolved",  # no grading  has been published for this betting market
        "frozen",      # bets are suspended, no bets allowed
        "graded",      # grading of win or not_win has been published
        "canceled",    # the betting market is canceled, no further bets are allowed
        "settled",     # the betting market has been paid out

class BettingMarketGroupStatus(Enum):
    options = [
        "upcoming",    # betting markets are accepting bets, will never go "in_play"
        "in_play",     # betting markets are delaying bets
        "closed",      # betting markets are no longer accepting bets
        "graded",      # witnesses have published win/not win for the betting markets
        "re_grading",  # initial win/not win grading has been challenged
        "settled",     # paid out
        "frozen",      # betting markets are not accepting bets
        "canceled",    # canceled

class EventStatus(Enum):
    options = [
        "upcoming",     # Event has not started yet, betting is allowed
        "in_progress",  # Event is in progress, if "in-play" betting is enabled, bets will be delayed
        "frozen",       # Betting is temporarily disabled
        "finished",     # Event has finished, no more betting allowed
        "canceled",     # Event has been canceled, all betting markets have been canceled
        "settled",      # All betting markets have been paid out